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TREEHAVEN PRODUCTIONS HELPS YOU to achieve your multimedia goals, from gaining traction in your social media campaigns to enticing stakeholders. We create educational, marketing, and documentary content to reveal the story behind your brand, organization, or cause.

We can help you win the crowd funding you require to move forward or the audience approval you need to excel in your field. We can also produce educational video campaigns.

Here's some of what we offer:

-Award-winning digital video production from script to screen, including concept development, script writing, shooting, editing, and uploading your finished videos.

-Photo and video asset libraries that evoke an iconic and intimate understanding of your brand or cause and the people behind it through still images, interviews, and b-roll.

-Written content that moves your audience to "like," love, and embrace your message.

You and your staff will be assisted and guided through any or all stages of your project, depending on your needs. Your budget will be maximized as we fine tune your objectives, letting you determine how much help you need, from concept to completion.

We can tailor projects to streamline your campaign in print and social media to give you the best value. We can also help create visual installations at your office buildings or sites. Your completed projects will be delivered on budget, on time, and with an eagerness to support you in your next creative adventure.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.

TREEHAVEN PRODUCTIONS/ Jennifer Leigh Sauer Photography