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social & crowdfunding videos

Treehaven Productions uses a proprietary Video Support Kit to help customers achieve their social video goals. Whether you want to create a video-driven social media campaign or jumpstart your dream project with crowdfunding, Treehaven can help you to maximize your budget, reach your audience, and share your unique story. We can also create a series of educational videos tailored to your viewers.

Adding video to your Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign can increase your chances of success by 50%-100%. While many websites tell you that doing it yourself is the way to go, consider what quality statement you want to make about yourself and your project. 

Do you just need help with a script, or some technical support to improve the production value of your crowdfunding video? We can write, shoot, edit, coach, and/or guide you through any or all steps of creating an engaging campaign--even if you are based in another state or country.

Example: In 2016, Treehaven Productions conceived and edited the Kickstarter video for Tea Journey Magazine, which became the 3rd most-highly-funded periodical in Kickstarter history. Treehaven acted as command central, as videographers and photographers worked from several continents to provide content, which we wove with our own locally produced content into a final piece for Kickstarter. We can work with you to achieve similar goals. 

Give us a call or email us with your project needs, and we will provide immediate support and ideas for your success.

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