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grape vine

"JENNIFER'S WORK IS immensely powerful. After recognizing her skill as a video editor, we sent Jennifer to Malawi, Africa to capture video footage of our HIV/AIDS programs. What lovely work. I can't limit the superlatives."  -William Rankin, President,Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance

"AS A BELIEVER in the power of well-researched and opinionated guide books, I raise my tea cup to Jennifer, who leads her readers to experience the relatively unexplored territory of quality tea."   Patricia Unterman, author of San Francisco Food Lovers' Guide, commenting on The Way to Tea

SAUER IS a "hometown author behind one of the best cookbooks of the year. "   7x7 Magazine, September 2007

"I RARELY WATCH YOUTUBE videos but a film of this quality might just make a "tuber" out of me. Outstanding in all regards.""Two thumbs up from me too! Thanks for this wonderful video.""I loved this video!""Excellent..........!"  Youtube reviewers on "James Kline's Arch Harp Guitar" (5 stars)

"JENNIFER IS ONE of the hardest-working photographers I've ever dealt with. She has a keen eye and a friendly style that puts subjects at ease. She not only delivers what the client asks, but substantially more."   Jay Coleman, Hewlett Packard

"A BIG HEART, a sharp eye, a strong work ethic.... Jennifer brings a lot to each shoot. How good is she? Even our clients look forward to working with her... Really."   John Reider, Creative Director, SenaReider Advertising

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